Making Dough During Lockdown

During these times of turmoil in South Africa, it may seem strange to be posting about bread baking. Yet, this is what my friend Yusuf Patel decided to do… and this is what I have decided to do. My Durban friends are very special to me… and Durban is a city close to my heart… and we are heartbroken…

There is much one could share or say about the crisis. I elect to be very selective at this time. And the below message that I received from Yusuf is something that I believe needs to be shared:

Dear potential bakers
With the current crises and food shortages bread has become a commodity much sought after in Durban
I see that they were selling Albany bread for r50!
I’ve had a demand for my bread book which I have been forwarding on request
Please share it with your friends and post it on your social media – maybe this way you can become bread independent
Stay safe and let the smell of fresh bread fill your home